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Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust

Besides this discussion group at Groups.io, the society has an online presence at: our website - www.scottishprisonersofwar.com, Twitter, Instagram, Family Tree DNA, and our Facebook Group and Page.

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These are the official Scottish Prisoners of War Society sites:

Website & Blog: Scottish Prisoners of War Society, 2,235 Subscribers
Facebook GROUP: Scottish Prisoners of War Society Group, 1,385 Members
Facebook PAGE: Scottish Prisoners of War Society, 1,468 Follows
Family Tree DNA: Scottish Prisoners yDNA Study, 177 Members
Instagram: Scottish_Prisoners_of_War_Society, 114 Followers
Twitter: @OfficialSPOWS, 123 Followers

Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust
Executive Director
Scottish Prisoners of War Society