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Hi!  I’m Jeannette Sears Wood, a direct descendant of Micum McIntire through my mother, Wilhelmina McIntire Sears, and his two brothers that were all Scottish POWs after fighting at the Battle of Dunbar.  Micum’s indenture was purchased by Valentine Hill where he worked in the sawmill in Durham, NH.  No DNA tests have been done as yet but will be in the near future.  Greetings to all!


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Let's get this party started! ;)
Why not introduce yourself including the name of your Scottish prisoner of war ancestor. 

I'll start! My name is Teresa Rust. I am a yDNA biological direct Hamilton ancestor of John Hamilton, who first appeared in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1658. Through my grandfather's and father's yDNA I made this connection. Their yDNA is deeply Scottish. My grandfather's yDNA sample is in the L1335 project.

From the Hamilton DNA Project:

"The genetic signatures of those in R1b-5 and R1b-6 are especially close to a DNA profile sometimes referred to as the Scots Modal R1b or the Dalriadic modal since the initiating ancestors of this profile are thought to have been the Dalriadic group who ruled Scotland in the early medieval period. A new terminal SNP for people with this profile has recently been identified. It is L1335 which at least one individual in each of Groups R1b-5 and R1b-6 has. This profile is very common in Highland Scotland, especially among those in Clan Donald and related septs. Participant H-154 in Group R1b-6 has this exact 25 marker profile but most of those in R1b-5 differ from this profile at only one marker, namely DYS449, where R1b-5 has a value of 26 at this site rather than the 30 of the Scots Modal profile. Although it is likely that those in R1b-5 and R1b-6 had a common ancestor in the medieval period, their 67 and 111 marker profiles differ enough that their lines must have diverged at a fairly early time."

My SPOW, John Hamilton, had a descendant, most likely a great-grandson, and was adopted by a Pepper family, likely because of a illegitimacy. So a Hamilton male child was reared by a Pepper family and he took that name as his surname. As it turns out, there were many Pepper and Hamilton connections as they lived near each other for many years. So I was born a Pepper though I have ZERO connection through DNA of any kind to ANY Pepper descendants. Thus my signature of Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust. The "/" shows adoption.

I also believe I am a direct descendant of SPOW John Magoon, whose line moved from Massachusetts to Windham County, Connecticut and then back to Massachusetts. My Thomas Hamilton/Pepper married a Lucretia Magoon at Ware, Hampshire, Massachusetts on 30 April 1800.

Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust
Executive Director
Scottish Prisoners of War Society