Locked Getting Started

Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust

You can personalize your account in the Scottish Prisoners Of War Society@groups.io by adding a "signature" to every message, since sometimes people forget to sign their names, especially when they are emailing from a cell phone.

On the left hand side of the page there are a number of options listed. On the top is "Home" with a little image of a house, followed by Subscription: ScottishPrisonersofWarSociety@groups.io / Edit Subscription / Your name and email address

Right under this, make sure "Membership" is highlighted in dark blue. Then under "Membership" you will see the group address: ScottishPrisonersofWarSociety@groups.io and the date you joined the group.

Under that comes "Email Delivery"

You may select from "Individual Messages", "Full Featured Digest", "Plain Digest", "Daily Summary", or "Special Notices Only" by clicking on the circle in front of the option you wish. You can change this at any time.

Below these options are two boxes, in front of the signature options. "Use Signature For Web Posting" and "Use Signature For Email Posting". You may put a check in either or both of these boxes.

Below this is a larger "text box" with a number of formatting options, of text size, bold, italic, etc. Under the shaded area that lets you set formats, you may insert the "Signature" of your choice. You should include the name you wish to use when posting to the list, but you can also include a quotation, saying, location information or other tag line of your choice. If you have checked both of the boxes, the material you put here will be added to any message you send to the group.

When you have done all of the above, be sure to scroll down until you find the Blue "Save" button, and click on that to save your changes.

Be careful NOT to click on the RED UNSUBSCRIBE button, or you will find yourself leaving the ScottishPrisonersofWarSociety@groups.io group.

Important note: If you include quoted material or a previous message in your own message your "signature" will appear at the bottom of the entire message, NOT at the bottom of what you have written. This is a good reason to trim the messages that you send so that only the relevant info from the
previous message is shown.