Donation Button #Donate

Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust

Greetings Everyone!
I am excited to announce the addition of a PAYPAL DONATION BUTTON to our Scottish Prisoners of War WEBSITE!

For the first time we now have a way to receive financial help to maintain the website and accomplish some other projects as a society. I have personally,
physically and financially, maintained the website since its inception in April 2013, next month will be seven years. The total cost of just the basics comes to about $200-$300.00 per year. In recent years I have started using plugins such as Jetpack and others for security and editing tools. As time goes on it would be great to have the funds to hire a professional web designer to help us optimize the site and to continue to keep it safe.

If everyone was able to make a small donation it would go far to maintaining and improving the site. Thank-you!

~ Teresa Hamilton-Pepper Rust
Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust
Executive Director
Scottish Prisoners of War Society