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Thanks again Roland. I am going to look into MH dna and also the Scottish Genelogical Society.
It would be incredible if after almost 400 years my Y DNA proved that Duncan Chisholm was Robert Roe's father. There are hundreds of Rowe descendants that have no idea their real name is Chisholm and that they are a descendant of a Scottish POW from the Battle of Dunbar.

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I also heard our family member came through the Barbados to Jamestown, Robert Abernathy.   I have a copy of his will near Jamestown. 
So far no one can find any documentation that supports this.


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    I was curious to know if you are familiar with any ships that took SPOWs from England to America, via Barbados in 1651 after the battle of Worchester.  My ancestor is Alexander MacGregor who was captured at the Battle of Worchester and sent to America via Barbados.  I am familiar with the manifest of the John & Sara from 1650 Dunbar Battle but I have not been able to find any ship manifest naming SPOW for Worchester 1651.  Any ideas?
Thank you,  Nancy
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Hello and welcome mccarpenter,


The Society web site has a limited set of information about Alexander at https://spows.org/battle-of-dunbar/battle-of-dunbar-prisoners-of-war/battle-of-dunbar-prisoner-profiles/alexander-bow/

A lot more detail is given on this site https://alexanderbow.com/alexander/

As far as I know he is never explicitly said to be Scottish in contemporary records, but his land grant on the same day and adjacent to other known Scots strongly suggests it.


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Hello. I recently discovered that Alexander Bow is my ancestor (b. 1605, d. Nov. 6, 1678 in Middleton, Middlesex Co., Connecticut, USA).  I am looking for any information about him. All I know is he was born in Scotland (some sources say "possibly born in Scotland") and he may have been one of the SPOW. 
I also have Forbes and Grant connections. 
I am looking forward to discovering more here!