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I am also descended from William Furbish and William Alexander Gowen. They are both my grandfathers 11 generations back. Fascinating history of the start to our country…and I never learned about any of this growing up in school. It is better than any historical fiction book you could find. 


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I had never heard of the SPOWs until I did the Familytree Y dna test to find out more about my paternal ancestry. The results came back and said that at a genetic distance of 15 (about 350-400 years ago) my surname was Chisholm and they were Scottish.I called FTDNA and said that I can trace my ancestry to 1659 in Salisbury Ma. and they were English. He said dna does not lie and I said there weren't any Scottish people in America in 1659 and he said well I don't know what to tell you. That's when I came across the names of SPOWs on the Unity. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw prisoner #13 Duncan Chisholm. I then got a direct match to a known descendant named Chesemore- UNBELIEVABLE !
Almost 400 years later. Thanks to all who donate their time and effort to the SPOW Society.
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Once freed, they were still strangers in a strange land. Little wonder this small band stayed close, and that one line of descendants would be traced to four SPOWs.

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I have learned that I am descended from four of those who were among the Scottish Prisoners of War:Purthe MackFarlan, who ended up in Hingham, MA, and three who went to Kittery Iron Works/sawmill in what was MA but is now Maine: James Warren, William Furbish, and John Neale. I have just started reading Lost Voices, New Lives to learn more!

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Thanks.  Looking forward to reading these books.

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To Sandy Chacko and others ... while there's lots available online, two terrific books are available on Amazon:

The Dunbar Martyrs: Scottish Prisoners of War in Durham Cathedral, 1650 | Webb, Simon
The Involuntary American: A Scottish Prisoner's Journey to the New World | Gardner, Carol

Mark Johnson

1. Malcolm MacCallum 1630-1683, SPOW, 8th great-grandfather
2. Caleb Callum 1664-1716
3. John Callum 1700-1754
4. Jemima Callum 1728-1776
11. Mark Everett Johnson 1956-

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