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Roger Burbank

Thank you.  I would be a Burbach.  The good old name change.  R

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I looked on FTDNA's website and it looks like they haven't created a project for the name Burbank yet. They are really helpful if you call them I'm sure they'll tell you how to go about it.
I'm learning more about Duncan. I believe he did his 7 years in the sawmills of Berwick or Kittery, then moved to Scarborough. I believe he was most likely killed by Indians and then his descendants moved down to Salisbury Ma. Most of my Chisholm matches said thieir ancestors came from the Strathglass area of the Highlands.

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Wow, l have tested Y DNA. I never got an actual surname.

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Really cool.
I didn't have quite the same journey, but I found myself wondering why I had an ancestor in Connecticut in 1733 with a Scottish last name, McIntyre, and of course found my way to the prisoners brought over on the Unity.

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I had never heard of the SPOWs until I did the Familytree Y dna test to find out more about my paternal ancestry. The results came back and said that at a genetic distance of 15 (about 350-400 years ago) my surname was Chisholm and they were Scottish.I called FTDNA and said that I can trace my ancestry to 1659 in Salisbury Ma. and they were English. He said dna does not lie and I said there weren't any Scottish people in America in 1659 and he said well I don't know what to tell you. That's when I came across the names of SPOWs on the Unity. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw prisoner #13 Duncan Chisholm. I then got a direct match to a known descendant named Chesemore- UNBELIEVABLE !
Almost 400 years later. Thanks to all who donate their time and effort to the SPOW Society.
On 02/18/2022 7:00 PM Mark Johnson <mejcopy@...> wrote:

Once freed, they were still strangers in a strange land. Little wonder this small band stayed close, and that one line of descendants would be traced to four SPOWs.

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I have learned that I am descended from four of those who were among the Scottish Prisoners of War:Purthe MackFarlan, who ended up in Hingham, MA, and three who went to Kittery Iron Works/sawmill in what was MA but is now Maine: James Warren, William Furbish, and John Neale. I have just started reading Lost Voices, New Lives to learn more!

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Thanks.  Looking forward to reading these books.

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To Sandy Chacko and others ... while there's lots available online, two terrific books are available on Amazon:

The Dunbar Martyrs: Scottish Prisoners of War in Durham Cathedral, 1650 | Webb, Simon
The Involuntary American: A Scottish Prisoner's Journey to the New World | Gardner, Carol

Mark Johnson

1. Malcolm MacCallum 1630-1683, SPOW, 8th great-grandfather
2. Caleb Callum 1664-1716
3. John Callum 1700-1754
4. Jemima Callum 1728-1776
11. Mark Everett Johnson 1956-

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