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Terrance Filter

well done Sandy...good luck with the ongoing search for info!
Terry Filter, descendant of William Anderson

On Thu, Feb 17, 2022 at 11:00 AM Sandy Chacko <sandy.chacko@...> wrote:
I am a direct descendent of George Darling who was a SPOW and was sent to American colonies on the ship Unity and was and indentured servant at the Saugus Iron Works in Massachusetts.  This is what I currently have for my ancestral linkage to George Darling.

1. George Darling (1615-1693). 2. Jonathan Darling 1658-1716). 3. John Darling (1683-1735). 4. John Flanders Darling (1716-1795)
5. William Darling (1742-1812). 6. John Josiah Darling (1779-1868). 7. Robert Darling (abt 1809-1891) 8. Albro Edison Darling (1848-1941)
9. Robert David Darling (1871-1952). 10. Beulah Violet Rose Darling (1911-2003). 11. Joan Marie Draheim (1930-2009)
12. Sandra Chacko (Beermann-maiden name) (1952-)

I am excited to learn more about my ancestors.

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