Sci-Fi & Fantasy Group

This group is the official continuation of the original Disqus "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Channel".

It is run by a partnership of original members: 'Wombling Wombat', 'Darth Homer' and 'BlueSome3'.

We cover almost anything connected to Science Fiction and Fantasy, including:
-TV Shows
-DVD/Blu-Ray releases
-Books and eBooks
-Comics and graphic novels
-Audiobooks and audio plays and productions
-Relevant science news
-Props and prop making
-Events and conventions
-Fan stories
-Original works

This is a friendly and informal discussion group, it is not an adversarial debating society. It is open to anyone aged over 13 from all nations, of all creeds and all genders.  Always use common sense, never presume your cultural or moral values are globally shared, think before you post about contentious topics. Context can be lost online very easily, we actively encourage the use of emoticons to help prevent misunderstandings.

Group Rules:

The rules of the group are carried over from the old Disqus channel.  These rules were made by the community as openly as was possible.  We reserve the right to adjust our rules if required.

1. Be respectful to each other.
2. No swearing or foul language.
3. No spamming.
4. Do not post inappropriate content.
5. No arguments about religion or politics.

We encourage people to also join our adjunct 'Knowledge' group.

We are also on Facebook

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