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Discussion on electronics service and repair. Intended to be identical to Usenet NNTP newsgroup, but with a more professional and modern approach.


Repair subjects are organized into categories representing hashtags for simpler reference. Current listing of hashtags are:

Amateur (ham) Radio and accessory repair

AM/FM Stereos, car audio, Short wave radios, VHF scanners , hand held scanners, CD players, tape decks, walkman  / portable audio , HiFi ,amplifiers equalizers, compressors and voice processors.

Repair of Computers and Large type office equipment. Copiers, Fax machines, POS

Articles and videos reporting incidents of fake Chinese electronic semicondictors

Video game console repair topics

Repair of Inkjet type printers

Computer laptop repair topics


Reconing, and refoaming and rebuilding of loudspeakers

Mobile / wireless internet connected device repair

Flat screen and CRT monitor repair topics

Part cross reference, substitutions, sourcing and testing

Test equipment or measuring device repair and or calibration topics

CB or other 2 way radio transceiver repair


TV / DVD / VCR repair


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