Brigitte Cowell

Bocephus is a 7 year old neutered, declawed (please no comments about the declawing) male F1 Savannah. His backstory is a little confusing. He was reportedly purchased at 2 years of age from the breeder who was located in Texas. He was already neutered and declawed. He is reported to have been strongly bonded to the adult son, so when the father moved out Bo stayed with the son.
Bo has a medium haired female cat friend in the house and they are said to get along great. However, the owner allows that cat to go in and out, while Bo has been indoor only. The owner reports that Bo has been peeing on the couch and bed. While we have spent a couple weeks offering advice, I am not certain that enough has been really done and the behavior has frustrated the owner to the point of surrender. I suspect the owner is working long enough hours that the amount of time required to clean effectively and work on the issue seems insurmountable to him. I believe that the issues are most likely resolvable with some changes. I also wonder if a vet visit might clear up any potential paw pain issues.
Bocephus is reported to be very sociable, playful and loving to family, friendly to visitors although initially shy. He's said to be good with older children, probably ones that are good playing with cat toys! He is said to have batted around small dogs, so we would not suggest that. Currently he lives with a spayed female cat so we think that could work. I would not suggest introducing Bo to an large cat household. He definitely would need a separate space with the ability to introduce slowly and thoughtfully. A catio or enclosure might be an added bonus!
We would want a new home to be able to convince us that they understand the challenges of a rehomed adult F1 Savannah. They don't just look cool. This is non-negotiable. If nothing else, please explain your commitment to what you perceive is required to live with an F1 Savannah. We also wish to hear how you would address his peeing issues, we cannot discern if it is an anxiety or a territorial marking issue or a pain issue from his paws.
Bocephus will be available for an adoption fee of $200, if you think you are up for this challenge please email info@... and tell us your location and about your household and why you would be great for Bo, including how you would address his needs.