Middleton Ohio Lovely young ( approx 2-3 yr old) savannah F4 available for foster to adopt home


+++UPDATE Belle has found her new home. Thank you everyone for your interest +++Seeking foster-to-adopt home in Middleton Ohio area for this beautiful F4 mom. Belle is a lovely savannah that had a litter while in our care and is now ready to be spayed and once that is done she can be adopted. She is in foster care now but does not get along with the dog in the home there, so probably a home with no dog is the best ! This is from her foster mom " She is quite shy and timid but loves to be petted and will raise up on her back legs to headbutt you. She has came so far since I received her. You couldn't even touch her and now she lives her days laying in a sunny window and chatting at the birds. she is very playful and will talk back and forth with you." She will probably become even more mellow after being spayed. Unspayed girls do not want much to do with other cats, but that can change once spayed. Since we can't give a guarantee on that though we ask for descriptions of the other pets you have and the dynamics in the home to help us pick a home that will be her forever home. Please write Teresa at info@... and let us know all about yourselves ! Her adoption fee once spayed will be $200