For Foster or Foster to Adopt Pretty F4 female savannah in Franklin Ohio


"Belle" is seeking a home in Franklin Ohio area ( or within reasonable driving distance) This sweet mom cat has been living feral and is afraid of almost everything at this point. She has been taken off the street to keep her safe but the foster cannot keep her. We estimate her to be about 2-3 years old and rumor has it that she is an F4 savannah. She is likely pregnant ! She will need a foster home that is willing to take her for veterinary care, raise her litter of upcoming kittens until they can be adopted, get her spayed and work on her regaining trust in people again. She currently has a litter of kittens that are not available for adoption yet and now already another litter on the way. She will need premium nutrition and a quiet safe place to have her babies. Savannah rescue pays for any vet fees incurred with our 'foster" cats. The ideal home will be quiet and stable with not a crazy amount of noise or activity. Young active children or a lot of other pets will not be ideal in this case. The ideal home would also be interested in adopting her once she is spayed. ( We do not adopt out unspayed cats) She will need a room or area that can be hers alone for at least a couple of weeks until she is feeling comfortable in her new place. Please write Teresa at info@..., put her name in the subject line, and tell us where you are located, and why your home would be suitable for Belle
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