****Dexter is waiting for that perfect home!


Dexter----so much more than a crime drama!
We have a large, young (4 years old) and very attractive F2 Savannah cat available in Lathrop, California (San Joaquin County). His name is Dexter. He is not a serial killer but he does have his secrets! After all, Dexter could also be code-word for "DEXTEROUS" !!
One of the unique attributes of Dexter is that he is a silver Savannah. This is a rarer color and means his spotting is black on a silver coat. Silver cats have a white/cream colored undercoat making them very attractive. It is not always easy to capture the beauty of a silver savannah in a photo.
Since Dexter is Californian AND an F2 savannah, he is mild mannered with a delicate character. He is asking for his ideal home to be a quiet, relaxing place with not too much activity and noise. His wish list would not include a dog or other cats. If you have a very quiet senior dog or possibly one laid back cat, we can talk about it. We realize that most people have other pets and that's why they are part of our Facebook groups, but in this case we would prefer a pet-free home. Maybe you can share this posting to some of your friends with no pets, or to those who have lost their pets over the years and now would be ready for a very interesting companion to fill up their home with activity. Dexter likes to follow his foster mom around and sleep with her. He also has a 'relationship' with a fish bowl and fish at his foster home. So if you have fish make sure the tank is secure !
Since Dexter is an F2 Savannah he is not receptive to a lot of change, and he feels his new owners should be accommodating slaves to his whims. He is sensitive and prefers to be the center of attention. Although he is gorgeous, he is also very special on the inside. He has never been exposed to children and although he may have been a great pet if he had met his own little people as a kitten, it would be really hard for him to understand a child now that he is an adult.
In return for thinking of him first, Dexter will repay you with the joy of living with a savannah with 25% serval blood and including the intelligence that goes with that family tree. It's amazing to watch him move around and investigate his surroundings. Dexter may not show a lot of affection, but he would really enjoy a nice outdoor catio or enclosure where he can be enjoyed from afar without having too much forced contact. It would also allow him to wear off some of his COVID chubbies. Come on---we all have them!
Dexter is curious about his surroundings but slow to trust. You will need to be a special person to win the heart of this beauty !
Because of his delicate sensitivities he has gone outside of his litterbox to show his displeasure with other animals that made him nervous in his previous home. This is why we are asking to find the PERFECT home for this prince. No children and preferably no other pets (we can discuss maybe one older dog or a laid-back cat). Car transport for him will be OK for several hours, but he cannot be shipped on a plane. Dexter is neutered and is declawed on all four paws. He has no known health issues.
Please send an email to us at info@... and tell us as much as you can about yourself. This treasure of a cat is waiting for you to apply for him! The donation for Dexter's adoption is $200.