Available Lovely Blue Savannah Male currently in Lodi California


Pensy is a rare BLUE male savannah cat about 5 years old. He is currently in the Lodi California area. We are not sure of his generation but perhaps F4/F5 ? He has been through 3 homes and was found wandering in a seniors home area after being lost for several months. His original owner said he would get out of the house and be gone for up to 3 months at a time. He was surrendered to rescue and now he has been in a skilled foster home being evaluated for several months. He is now ready for his new forever home ! He is a friendly boy that shows interest in house visitors and older children. The foster would have liked to have kept him but he is not getting along with one of their resident cats and is urinating outside of the box, probably due to this strife between him and the other male cat in the house. Some of his inability to get along with this male cat may stem from living on the street and having to fend for himself before we got him.
The foster mom describes him as a sweet boy that is not timid of people in the home or even the vacuum. He is a big "chill" boy. He likes to be around you but not carried around by you. Pretty typical for many savannahs. He does not want to be smothered. If you lean into him he will give your nose gentle love bites and then lick you. He loves to play with fishing rod type of toys and can jump very high in pursuit of the feathers. He is not big on toys that are inanimate and would prefer to have a human at the other end making them ALIVE ! or batteries !
Like a typical savannah he will drink water from faucets, tub or sink. not fussy. He loves to spend time looking out the window and watching activities around him.
When he goes to a new home he will need to be quarantined on his own in a spare bedroom or bathroom, and time taken to evaluate his litter box usage before letting him loose in your home. We would recommend this happen very slowly. This habit needs to be broken in a smaller space and then he can graduate to a larger space once the habit is stopped and he can be trusted. He obviously has some anxiety even though he presents as mr. chill. So he will need to be monitored closely in his new home for several weeks. He has been vet checked and initially had a bladder infection which may also have contributed to him starting this habit. But that is fixed now and except for the ongoing drama with him and the other cat he seems to be happy enough. The new owner will have to be vigilant about keeping laundry off the floor, keeping him away from wet towels, plastic bags, anything that would be considered a 'trigger' for marking.
We would consider a home with a mellow companion cat. He currently lives with cats, but there is one he doesn't get along with and it may be the strife between the two of them that is causing the urine marking. He seems to be fine with the female cat but the more dominant male and himself refuse to play nice. He is a big boy and can be rough when playing so the companion cat would have to be able to hold his own and not get frightened or overreact to rough play. He likes to stalk other cats and POUNCE. So another cat that is used to this type of play would be perfect.
We do not know if Pensy has been exposed to dogs, but again, same as with a companion cat, any companion dog would have to be mellow and non threatening. (ie wanting to play rough or barking too much )
His current diet is Purina Pro plan urinary diet, some savory morsels wet food and some treats. he also eats hills prescription diet and royal canin veterinary diet urinary tract. health. both wet and dry. He does not have a problem with urinary tract issues but he is a male so the foster was just trying to prevent any possible problems in the future by keeping him on a good quality diet.
He is a typical mischievous savannah and has been trying to 'liberate' the fish at the foster home. So if you have any small pets they will need to be securely housed.
He would be best in a home with no children or older children as he does like to love bite and will bat at you to play or give him attention. This is harder for younger children to understand, but would be ok with a pre teen that is calmer and understands the behaviour is not meant to be threatening. With praise and treats and redirection the new owner can work on some of these rough play behaviours over time.
If you think Pensy would fit into your life and your home please write us and tell us all about yourself ! at info@... and please put Pensy's name into the subject line. His adoption fee is $200
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