ADOPTED - Cosmo (formerly Mewtwo) is an amazing F5 savannah, originally from Tammie Jones of Spotted Oaks Cattery. He was sold to a pet store, that in turn, sold him to an owner in NYC, where he was illegal to own. The breeder has taken no responsibility for any of her actions, will not take him back and has not contributed in any way to his care. 
Cosmo was born with a soft cleft palate and knowingly sold to his past owner with this condition. She surrendered him to SV Rescue because she could not afford his vet bills nor the surgery to repair his palate. 
Cosmo has been in a foster home and is ready to be adopted! He had cleft palate surgery in February of this year, which SV Rescue paid for, and is doing fairly well. He has a residual issue of sneezing, which is much better when a humidifier is used. He will need a humidifier for life! 
Cosmo is a playful, loving savannah cat, who gets along with dogs and perhaps one other cat. The cats in his foster home don't care for his playful attitude, so a younger cat would likely be ok for him. He uses his Litterbox faithfully.
Cosmo will need a spare room to have time to acclimate to his new people and surroundings.
Adoption fee is $150
If you would like to give this boy a loving home and can commit to him for life, please email info@... - please describe your home and family as well as any pets you have.