ADOPTED! We have an F2 male near Seattle, Washington, in urgent need of a foster! This guy has had a very rough life and needs a lot of patience, time, love and person experienced with F1 or F2 savannah experience.
He has had several homes through no fault of his own and was once sweet and trusting. Unfortunately, his breeder, Lequoioa Savannahs, cannot take him back, since he cannot be flown from WA to Mississippi. Lequioa Savannahs did not keep up with his numerous homes and had no idea he was abandoned more than once. He is very difficult to handle at this point because he is petrified. Annakin was dropped off by a person unable to communicate, to a rescue and is very unhappy at his situation.
He can be petted, but runs back into his crate the minute he is approached. He hisses at his current caregiver, but F2s often hiss as a means of communication. 
We just need to get him out of this rescue! He needs quiet and someone with the time and experience to allow him to trust again.
Foster must have a room where Annakin can just be - for an extended period of time. Perhaps one other cat, but we prefer no pets or children.
No shipping - please do not ask.
If you have experience and are willing to give this boy a chance, please email info@...