FOR IMMEDIATE FOSTER - 10 YEARS YOUNG SBT FEMALE - Spayed in Tarrant County, Texas


Ponca is a 10 yo SBT spayed female from the now defunct A1 Savannahs. She is said to be a loving, sweet girl - her owner can no longer afford her care. She loves to be petted, to cuddle with her owner and loves attention. She willingly goes into her crate and comes when called.
Ponca is four paw declawed. She is very thin due to what we think is an inappropriate diet of salmon. She is thought by her owner to have IBD, but her inappropriate diet and abrupt diet change when her owner got Ponca back from her ex-husband, likely contributed to GI issues. We suggested the owner try a limited ingredient diet and that seems to be working. She is also said to have a mild heart murmur, but we don't know if this is a result of vet anxiety or a true murmur. 
She was living with the owner's ex-husband up until February 2021. A new puppy, home, diet have all contributed to Ponca having a bit of anxiety...she will urinate inappropriately after the puppy bothers her. We think that will stop once she is away from the puppy. Also a change of litter to Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract, which is a soft litter and great for declawed cats will help. Ponca is so hungry, that she is stealing food from wherever she can get it, so we need to get her out of this situation quickly.
We are looking for a foster home to care for Ponca, evaluate her and get her the care she needs. SV Rescue will be responsible for her bills while she is being fostered. We prefer a foster with intent to adopt, but just a foster is fine as well.
She will need a home outside of Texas - she is currently in an illegal county. 
If you are interested in helping this senior girl, please email info@... and tell us about yourself, your home, living situation.