Rahjah F3 Male, Glendale, AZ FOSTER/ADOPT

Kristine Alessio

FOSTER/ADOPT - Rahjah F3 male, 8 months old Glendale, AZ. Please read carefully, Rahjah will not be shipped. Rahjah is a lovely F3 boy from Thomwren Cattery. He was not neutered and is now acting like some stud cats do, he is aggressive to his feline housemate and can be aggressive to humans. We believe this is due to him being an intact male as his current owner states he was not aggressive until he reached 6 months of age. Rahjah needs a foster home that is experienced with cat aggression and has a vet that can neuter him ASAP. Savannah Cat Rescue will cover his neuter costs. Rahjah cannot be placed in a foster home with children. His current owners son can drive a few hours to meet his new family. If you are willing to take on a little bit of a project and can foster him and get him neutered and he fits with your family, you will have priority in his adoption. Please email us at info@... and reference Rahjah.




Kristine C. Alessio, Esq.



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