Brigitte Cowell

There will be six individual posts about these kittens, as they all deserve their own home. There are two somewhat bonded pairs in there, we will favor homes that would want to take those together.
In recent weeks, we were forwarded a post by Point Coupee Parish Animal Services in LA with a group of six Savannah cross kittens, four were ~5 months old and two were 7-8 months old. Seems it was a failed byb who had a unneutered Savannah male and thought he could set up as a breeder with domestic shorthair females. Then found out he wasn't much of a breeder as he dumped them at the shelter.
A very kind local breeder offered to take them in with no hesitation, committing to getting them vaccinated and altered and socialized. Turns out socialization wasn't the huge challenge expected, they are all sweet kittens. A few are a little shy but they have come such a long way being treated with love and kindness. They enjoy petting, some love to be held and they are all learning how to play with cat toys. They all will be great pets for the right home.
It seems this byb was not cut out to be a bonafide breeder, it's harder than expected and more time and expense than expected. These kittens have been saved by a good breeder and will be adopted out by a rescue team that includes a number of good breeders. We take care of our breed.
Please look out for the coming six individual posts of the kittens. Email us at info@... if interested in one or more of the kittens with information about your location and a description of the home you are offering. Please specify by name which kitten you are most interested in, even if you would be interested in all it just helps us decide on where to place them. They will be available for $150 to help cover vet costs, if you take two bonded kittens there will be a discount of course. Driving distance to Port Allen is needed, the foster will drive a few hours towards you if that helps them find the right home.