FOR FOSTER or ADOPTION - F1 MALE - 6 YEARS OLD- NEUTERED - CAMARILLO, CA Area - Long - Please Click on See More
Chaka is a beautiful boy, who has spent most of his life in a cage through no fault of his own. He is allowed out in the owner's enclosed porch for a few hours a day and then caged the rest of the time indoors. Please no comments about this...
Chaka has a tendency to eat or chew inanimate objects and as a result has had surgery for an obstruction. He may have Pica, which can be treated and any owner would have to be very careful and mindful of this. Our thinking is once he is played with and given the attention he deserves, he may stop eating things he shouldn't. He is also on a Hills Science diet due to an animal communicator telling the owner he may have bladder issues, however there is no medical evidence of this. A different diet may very well help with his pica.
Chaka is a big boy and his owner describes him as aggressive...he will grab whatever she has in her hands, especially if it is food, through the bars on his cage. He uses his claws, so his claws will have to be kept short. In time, he may learn that he doesn't have to use his claws to get attention. He likely craves attention and/or is hungry. He will need to be resocialized though. We find allowing cats to chew on a chicken leg or raw chunks of meat, help with those who chew or eat things.
What we are looking for in a home:
1. We are looking for an owner who has lots of love, patience and time to give to Chaka. He will need to be resocialized. 
2. You MUST have experience with early generation savannahs 
3. NO shipping or long drives
4. You MUST have a room for Chaka to decompress and stay in, so he can acclimate to his new surroundings
5. An outside space for him to enjoy, if possible 
6. Willingness to work with him and gain his trust - it may take a long time 
7. No other cats - a dog may be ok after a while proper introduction
8. Chaka has not been around children - so no children please
9. Adoption fee is $250
If interested in Chaka, Please email info@... with how your home is appropriate and your experience with EG savannahs.