For Adoption - F6 Amari - Six months old


For Adoption - Amari - Spayed F6 - Six Month old Savannah Female - Knoxville TN 

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Amari is a six month old savannah mix who was hit by a car in KY and left to die in the road. A really great vet tech, stopped abd picked her up, taking her to work, where her injuries were too severe for them to deal with.


SV Rescue, the SV Cat Care Fund and you all stepped in and Amari was transported by a volunteer to the University of TN Veterinary Hospital, where she had surgery. She had an FHO, femoral head ostectomy, which is a surgical procedure that aims to restore pain-free mobility to a diseased or damaged hip, by removing the head and neck of the femur (the long leg bone or thighbone). She also had surgery on her shattered pelvis, pinning it back together.


Her foster has been wonderful and Amari has recovered well. Her foster helped Amari regain mobility. Amari can run, jump and play, although she has a shorter stride on one side. Amari is a baby still and about six pounds - she will small in stature, but big in heart and will.


Amari is described as follows - "Amari is absolutely the sweetest kitty.  We have been fostering her for about 2 months now.  She loves to play and she loves to snuggle next to you. She’s not fond of being picked up and held but that may be because of her hip injuries...One of our adult cats has been a bully to her and when he approaches she immediately lays down to show him she’s not a threat. She’s incredibly smart and has her people that she gravitates to.  She will follow you around and wants your attention when she’s not playing with her toys. She uses the litter box with no issues and eats well. She may well be the perfect little kitty."


We are looking for a local home - absolutely NO shipping or long travel - please do not ask! 


Older children ok - a couple of other pets ok...


Adoption fee - $150