Brigitte Cowell

Flash has great need of a patient home willing to rehabilitate him to being a pet!
Flash is a 5 year old F5 male, soon to be neutered on 7/30, after which he will be available. He was bred by Holly Tang of Tangidamondz in MD, who has been uncontactable.
Flash has lived for some years in deplorable conditions (not the enclosure in the pictures!), in a large dog crate indoors. The owner was persuaded to give him up to a wildlife rehabber who had a spare enclosure where he is right now. He is very shy, but when pet seems to enjoy it. He does not seem to understand play but has very much enjoyed a catnip toy he was recently given. It makes our hearts hurt to think of how deprived his life has been, and we very much want a home that will understand him and allow him to blossom.
From the little we have been told, in the former home he was confined to the crate for not getting along with the other cat and dog, but given he was an intact male (and hormones are strong motivators in cats causing assertiveness/aggression towards others) this isn't too surprising. Being neutered will have a calming effect. The person housing him right now says he has been religiously using his litterbox and has not sprayed.
We are willing to consider a foster home to be able to evaluate how he does in a home setting, and whether he might adapt to other pets. Given his recently neutered status, young children are not a good idea, and especially being a shy cat that level of activity might be too much for him. He likely would do best in a smaller quieter household with a human that is going to be around but give him space to learn to be a pet.
If you are willing to take on this project Flash, please email us at info@... and tell us your location and about your household and why it would suit Flash's needs. If adopted, his fee would be $200.