Anyone in Northern California want to help out?

Brigitte Cowell

We have an unfortunate situation that we need help with. We need someone to volunteer to foster an ill F4 female Savannah kitten of approximately 8 months of age, brown spotted tabby. Savannah Rescue of course will be paying all veterinary costs.

The kitten has been ill since arrival from the breeder and the buyer has given up. The upper respiratory seems viral in origin but there is an additional corneal infection which appears to be bacterial and possibly a secondary infection. Until we have the kitten further evaluated by a veterinarian it seems unclear exactly what the situation is. The current antibiotic eyedrops seem inadequate, but I do know that better and stronger ones are available and hope that they would do the trick. Lysine supplementation seems to be improving the kitten's situation indicating that the condition is controllable.

Unfortunately I am unable to take this kitten in as I will be leaving the country next week and cannot ask my housesitter to take on this case. The kitten cannot be shipped back to the breeder in this condition. We need a local (the kitten is located in Hayward, CA) home that would be willing to medicate and care for this kitten, with the ability to decide to adopt the kitten if it all works out.

I hope to have pictures of the kitten soon and will be able to supply them to interested people that are willing to open their hearts and homes to this kitten in need. Let me know if you can help!


Brigitte Cowell
Kirembo Savannahs

Rescue Coordinator, Savannah Rescue
The Savannah Cat Club