"F2" Savannah Male available for single-cat household

Brigitte Cowell


We have a lovely large dramatic neutered male Savannah coming into Rescue. Ichabod was found on the street so we do not have papers on him but it is completely obvious from pictures that this cat is most definitely a Savannah. Most likely F2 is our estimation. He's a handsome guy, and a very good sized boy.

He came around very quickly to his current human and is very affectionate and interactive with him. He purrs, head butts, rubs and "trills" when visited by the guy that has him currently.

The PROBLEM is that the home already has SIX other domestic cats and this SV male is too rough with them. Most likely this is a product of his insecurity after being out on the street &/or his former treatment at his original home...but he is aggressive with other cats and being large and strong he is completely intimidating to them. We feel that he needs a home without other cats. It is possible that in the future other cats could be introduced, or possibly a doggy companion would work. We do not currently know how he reacts to dogs.

Ichabod was found on the street with a very tight collar/harness and something that appeared to be a crescent-shaped cataract, later determined to be a past penetrating eye injury. The vet felt that he has ~50% sight in that eye, it does not affect him in any way.

Currently, Ichabod is in the midwest, but can be shipped to the right home. His adoption fee will be $200 plus any shipping costs incurred.

Please, only those that do not currently have cats in their household apply to offer Ichabod a home. Please contact me at rescue@... or Kristine Alessio at gattobello@... if interested in Ichabod.


Brigitte Cowell
Kirembo Savannahs

Rescue Coordinator
The Savannah Cat Club