Potential Rescue SV available in Canada

Brigitte Cowell


There is a gorgeous smoke F2 female that is likely to be available soon in Canada. She's a tall lean 9lb2oz cat, young adult (we haven't been able to get an exact age yet) and absolutely loves humans. She has had a health checkup and fecal testing which was clear, she has a small cosmetic, non-surgical, abdominal hernia about the size of a quarter. The vet assures it is not a worry and probably a result of its spay quite a while ago. The vet also detected a slight heart murmur (Grade 2) which he did not feel is of concern and may be due to any number of minor reasons including stress, and quite possibly may be transient.

Dukati needs a household without other cats, she was given up due to problems with the other cats in the household. The home that now has her is going to try to introduce her to other cats as soon as her quarantine period is over, but we do not know at this point whether she might be able to be integrated into a household with other cats. We do not know if she is okay with dogs. She's easy to handle, loves to be petted and played with, and clipping claws is very easy. She is a tad hissy like a Serval can be, but it is more conversational than anything, like many early generation Savannahs.

The home that has rescued her has accumulated some expenses in fetching her and vetting her, and is asking for an adoption fee of $500 to cover these costs. If you are interested in Dukati, please contact me at rescue@... and I can put you in touch with the person that is caring for her. At this point we do not wish to deal with CITES permits to import her into the US, so Canadian homes only please!

This cat is not in Savannah Rescue, but has been taken in by a breeder in Canada and they are committed to finding her the right home. They've contacted Savannah Rescue for help in finding that home..and we are happy to help get the word out :-)


Brigitte Cowell
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