[Savannah Cat Pets Group] Molly and Maxie are looking for homes!

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These cats are incredibly social, love kids, and are just beautiful.  Miss Emily will be keeping them if someone else does not take them, her mother is a sucker.  Just kidding.  In all honesty, they are really nice cats and would do well in any home.


Kristine C. Alessio, Esq.

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Here is an adorable picture that our wonderful Leonard Dieguez took of our new Rescue arrivals in San Diego.

Molly is a brown marbled tabby Savannah female that is about a year o
ld. She was surrendered to a shelter in Indiana pregnant with Maxie, who is a melanistic SV female. We estimate Molly to be an F3, she is extremely easy-going, friendly and loving to all she meets. Maxie is a typically playful kitten but she has inherited her mother's loving personality, and so we estimate her to be F4 generation. We do not know who Maxie's daddy was of course.

They would both make great companions for anyone that has recently bought a Savannah kitten and needs a companion, or as a SV in their own right!

They will come spayed, vaccinated and FeLV/FIV tested for an adoption fee of $150 each.

Please contact rescue@... or gattobello@... if you would be interested in offering either or both a great home.

Please, someone offer them a home before young Miss Emily Alessio persuades her mother Kristine to keep them both!!!


Brigitte Cowell
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