Marble Savannah Female and black (melanistic) Savannah kitten in Rescue

Brigitte Cowell

These are terrible pictures, and I hope to have better pics from Molly Mae's and Maxie's foster home tomorrow.

Molly Mae was surrendered to a shelter in Indiana pregnant. They could tell at that stage that she was a young cat (less than a year old) and this was her first pregnancy. She has had that litter and all but one had been adopted before someone found Savannah Rescue and contacted us about her. We were certain just looking at these pictures that Molly was a Savannah, she has a lovely head shape, large well-set ears and is a leggy lean build, although a nonstandard pattern for a Savannah (but marbles do occur regularly in most breeding programs). She will be spayed now before going to a new home. From her new foster mom I have heard that Molly purrs the moment she sees a human, and likes to lie on her back and "make biscuits" in the air with her paws. She is super loving and sociable. Someone is going to be very fortunate to have her in their lives.

It's a lot harder to tell with Maxie, being a black kitten as they are notoriously hard to photograph and it definitely seems harder to see type from pics with black (melanistic) SV kittens. Maxie has been handled by many many volunteers at the shelter while growing up so is super-friendly and happy to play with anyone. She's a bundle of energy and would be a perfect companion for anyone with a new Savannah kitten. She comes fully vaccinated and will be spayed soon before leaving for her new home. She is only ten weeks old right now.

Please contact Brigitte at rescue@... or Kristine at gattobello@... for more information about either of these two girls. This is your chance to apply to adopt one of these girls before they are put up on our website and advertised on any other lists.

Brigitte Cowell
Kirembo Savannahs

Secretary and Rescue Coordinator
The Savannah Cat Club