Retired SV female available

Brigitte Cowell


This is a new idea we've thought up, mainly to be able to offer the many of you that have joined this list looking to help a Savannah in need of a good home. We are fortunate to have very few Savannahs in need of Rescue, but we know that there are a lot of homes out there. This new venture is a way to offer you a Savannah that is in need of a home, and make a donation to Savannah Rescue for the time when we DO have a Savannah in Rescue and need funds to cover vet bills.

Zoe is a spayed F4 female, she was spayed earlier this year due to complications in a pregnancy. She is a social and loving cat, one of the rare Savannahs that likes to curl up on laps for cuddles. She is vetted and up to date on vaccinations. She has no behavioral issues at all, she gets along well with other cats and is not at all dominant. She is not familiar with dogs (but is likely to accept them after some adjustment period), but would be great with children. She has an exceedingly loving personality once she gets to know you, and will make a perfect pet for some lucky family. She would be available for a donation of $200 to Savannah Rescue, plus any shipping. She is currently in Chicago, IL.

Please contact on of the Rescue Coordinators for more information on this loving SV girl in need of a lap... rescue@... or gattobello@... .

Brigitte Cowell
Kirembo Savannahs

Secretary and Rescue Coordinator
The Savannah Cat Club