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We received this email from someone who believes they have a Savannah in their rescue organization.  As we have not seen the cat in person and cannot tell from the pictures provided, we cannot state and/or guarantee that this is indeed a Savannah.  However, if you are interested in him, the contact information is below.  This is a courtesy to the rescue organization that has him only.  Again, SVCC Rescue has not determined this cat to be a Savannah.


Kristine C. Alessio, Esq.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007 1:22 AM
Subject: rescue savannah



I was referred to you guys in regards to possibly helping us find a suitable home for a special boy we took in over the summer.
His owner was encarcerated and gave up ownership of the kitty to his gf, who then gave him to a neighbor. I was e-mailed with a request to come pick up a "half wi
ld" kitten who was "not adjusting to his new home at all."

I dont know if he was abused, but he is pretty timid around men. He wamrs up to girls pretty quickly, ESPECIALLY when there is food involved! ;-)

I dont know what breeder he originally came from, but the neighbor seemed to think he came from Texas, as the original owner made frequent trips there. However, theres a possibilty that he may have come from southern CA.

Anyhow, here is his profile on our petfinder.
He is very sweet, and isnt at all aggressive. Hes just timid and should be placed in a quiet home with no children or dogs. He HATES dogs. His favorite treat is fresh fish (such as sashimi grade salmon, tuna, etc). He will stop DEAD in his tracks if he knows you have a yummy treat. Like I said, hes very food motivated and could easily be tought simple tricks. So far I taught him to "sit." =)

Hopefully you guys could list him on your site. We would appreciate it greatly!



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