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Sankofa Homeschool is a community for homeschooling families of the African Diaspora who want to grow, learn, and build together. We are dedicated to creating a rich, supportive homeschool village through a combination of social outlets, field trips, and the sharing of resources.  We are a local support group for the DMV (Washington, DC., Maryland and Virginia); however, we welcome members from all over the world.   We are proud to be culturally, religiously and economically diverse.  Our members use a variety of homeschooling methods.  Why join Sankofa? Homeschoolers of the African Diaspora need a consistent reference group. Our children take classes and meet children, only to never see them again.  When the season changes, our homeschool activities or schedule may change. Through regular participation with the Sankofa Community, children and homeschooling families can look forward to building lifelong relationships.  We recognize that not everyone uses social media.  For this reason,  Sankofa uses this platform as our on-line base of operation.  

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