White-throated Sparrow @ TRV Community Gardens By Rick Grove ·
North Clairemont Recreation Area 1-10-2021 By Brandon Stidum ·
Rose Canyon O-S Flycatcher 2 messages By Jim Roberts GMAIL ·
White throated sparrow, pink-sided & gray- headed and slate-colored juncos, Wilson's warbler glut By ·
Greater White Fronted Goose. Tricolored Blackbird soccer fields Camino Real and Via de la Valle By Geoff Veith ·
Mergansers and Cackling goose Lake Cuyamaca 01/09/2021 By terry hurst ·
Ramona birds By Nancy Christensen ·
Harris's Sparrow, Red Crossbills By ·
Common Goldeneye continue at Lake Miramar By Lisa Ruby ·
south san diego bay misc 1-8-21 By Robert Patton ·
White-fronted goose at San Dieguito Rd horse pastures By Sean Buchanan ·
Warbling Vireo in Hillcrest By Tuck Russell ·
[CORRECTION. SE SOUTH east corner of the lake. SanDiegoRegionBirding] Adult Male Vermillion Flycatcher Murray Lake By Geoff Veith ·
Adult Male Vermillion Flycatcher Murray Lake By Geoff Veith ·
Chase Field American Redstart and hotspots By Justyn Stahl ·
Cape May continues: Lake Murray CAPE MAY By Geoff Veith ·
Escondido CBC By Kenneth Weaver ·
Hooded Mergsnsr at San Dieguito Park By Geoff Veith ·
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker By Barbara Wise ·
Lake Murray CAPE MAY currently present By C K Staurovsky ·
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