LITTLE STINT continues this morning By Loren Wright ·
New White-throated Sparrow, North County (Apr 26) By Aedyn Loefke ·
Soledad Mt By Sonja ·
Vaux's Swift roost, downtown San Diego By David Holway ·
Apparent Spring migrant Greater White-fronted Goose; Batiquitos/Aviara area 25 APR2021 By Tito Gonzalez ·
Solitaire, Gray-headed Junco, 2 MacGillivray's By ·
Swainson's Hawk By Alison Hiers ·
Tricolored Heron & Gull-billed Terns at San Diego River near Robb Field By rsbreisch ·
American White Pelican breeding in San Diego county By Mark Dayton ·
Stint, Calliope, Guineafowl 2 messages By ·
Bank Swallow and miscellanea By ·
micellanea By ·
Little Stint, 4/21 3 messages By Matt Sadowski ·
La Jolla Cove: Lubricious Black Oystercatchers, Surfbirds, Glaucous-winged Gull By Stan Walens ·
Lake Hodges poss. Cave Swallow By Jeff Spaulding ·
FRNC Townsends Solitaire continues By ·
Lake Hodges poss. Cave Swallow By Jeff Spaulding ·
Little Stint, dark-lored White-crowned Sparrows, miscellanea By ·
Calliope Hummingbird By Mike Wittmer ·
Townsend’s Solitaire today By Cheryl Carlton ·
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