Scissor-tailed Flycatcher on Hollister St. 1/30/2021 By Brandon Stidum ·
Snow goose at Aviara By Steve Perry ·
Tropical Kingbird remains at Dairy Mart By dmichaelray@... ·
Summer Tanager - Cottonwood Creek Park (upper) - Encinitas By David Trissel ·
Purple Finch - University City By Charley Herzfeld ·
Request for Assistance- ABA "BIRDING" By Paul Chad ·
Am Redstart, Tr Kingbird, TRV /South Bay, 27 Jan 2021 By Paul Chad ·
Mountain Plover By Nancy Christensen ·
Masked By Barbara Wise ·
Masked By Barbara Wise ·
Mountain Plovers at IB Helicopter Field By dan jehl ·
Masked Booby at La Jolla Children's Pool Beach 3 messages By Katherine Clemens ·
Masked Booby at Children's Pool continuing January 26 at 5:25 a.m. By dan jehl ·
Male American Redstart continues in Point Loma By Sara Baase Mayers ·
1st Winter Mew Gull - Torrey Pines S.B. By King, Dan ·
Hammond's Flycatcher, University City, 24 Jan 2021 By Paul Chad ·
Eastern Phoebe and Loggerhead Shrike at Mission Bay By Marcie Mason ·
Little Stint (incl. "warning"), Ash-throat, Pacific Golden, new White-thr Saprrow, early Violet-greens By ·
Black-and-white Warbler By Barbara Wise ·
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