Plumbeous Vireo at Sunset Ball Fields, TJRV, Saturday morning By Jeremiah Stock ·
Adult TUNDRA swan Bataquitos lagoon east By C K Staurovsky ·
bullocks oriole carlsbad By steve brad ·
Grace's Warblers, Tricolored Heron numbers?, misc. By ·
San Diego River Snow goose, Burrowing Owl. Tricolor Heron By Mike Wittmer ·
Hammond's - follow'up By Paul Chad ·
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Dairy Mart Pond December 23, 2020 By dan jehl ·
LeConte's Thrashers at Old Spring Lake, Borrego Springs By Steve Perry ·
Hermit Warbler at Agua Dulce, 12/22 By Barbara ·
Dropped pin Long-eared owls 7 messages By C K Staurovsky ·
Genesee Highlands empid = Hammond's By ·
Summer Tanager Borrego Springs By Robert Theriault ·
Lucy's Warbler By ·
Dusky Flycatcher, University City, 21 Dec 2020 By Paul Chad ·
Varied Thrush continues - Aqua Dulce 12/21 2 messages By Rodney Gast ·
Black-and-White Warbler Anza-Borrego CBC By Robert Theriault ·
Congratulations! Thank You for Making the 2020 Christmas Bird Count One of The Birdiest EVER By Travis Kemnitz ·
Route #5 highlights - Anza-Borrego CBC By Jay Desgrosellier ·
Swamp sparrow By Nancy Christensen ·
Anza-Borrego CBC 2 messages By Robert Theriault ·
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