Wilderness Gardens American Bittern By Paula Theobald ·
WoodStork and Neotropict By Mike Wittmer ·
Indigo bunting at bird and butterfly garden By Sonja ·
Wood stork By Nancy Christensen ·
Wood Stork continues By ·
summer tanager at Mission Bay Resort 5/27 By C Morris ·
miscellanea By ·
Mount Soledad 24 May: another good flight, 23 Black Swifts, late stuff By ·
Safari Park Wood Stork By Stan Walens ·
Mount Soledad and black swifts By ·
Unidentified Empid 2 messages By Martha Wild ·
Mount Soledad May 23rd good morning flight, incl. 23 Black Swifts; big shearwater flight By ·
Batiquitos Purple Martin 2 messages By Gjon Hazard ·
Willow Flycatcher San Elijo By Geoff Veith ·
Sunday morning passerine flights By ·
Pacific Beach – late afternoon Black Swifts, May 22, 2021 By Gary Nunn ·
late Calliope Hummer, late-migrant Am. Robin By ·
Santa Ysabel – Gray Hummingbird By Butch Carter ·
Summer Tanager, Yellow-headed Bbirds, celata Orange-crowned, long-lingering migrants By ·
ID help, looks like some sort of Nighthawk 2 messages By Lisa Ruby ·
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