Rose-breasted Grosbeak in Mt. Acadia Neighborhood Park on Oct 1, 2021 By rsbreisch ·
Clay-colored Sparrow, Valley Center By Aedyn Loefke ·
Broad-winged Hawks; FRNC Magnolia & Palm & Clay-coloreds By ·
The Buena Vista Audubon Pelagic trip Oct. 3, 2021 By David Povey ·
Blackpoll warbler/ Solana Highlands By Nancy Christensen ·
ID question on bird from Del Mar Public Works yesterday 2 messages By Lisa Ruby ·
Least Flycatcher at Del Mar Public Works Continues (I think) By Lisa Ruby ·
Painted Bunting update (and Clay-colored Sparrow) By David Trissel ·
Blackburnian at Robb, 9/30 By Matt Sadowski ·
LBBG still at the Del By phil Pryde ·
Least flycatcher continues By ·
Painted Bunting update By ·
Painted Bunting at Doyle Community Park (Sept 30) By Bridget Spencer ·
Magnolia Warbler By Nancy Christensen ·
UTC cottonwoods with Plumbeous, Doyle Clay-colored, TRV pugetensis By ·
Black-throated Blue Warbler Oceanside 9/29 3-4pm By Jennifer Jacobs ·
Northern Parula By Alison Hiers ·
Lewis’s Woodpecker in Lagunas By Nancy Christensen ·
FRNC this morning By ·
Harris Hawks & Scott’s Oriole By Mike Wittmer ·
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