Yellow-green Vireo and other continuing rarities

On Wednesday morning the 8th, the yellow green vireo continues along Catalina Boulevard at the southernmost end of the cemetery, And as has become it's MO the last few days, it is seen either in the eucalyptus on the west side of Catalina just before you leave the cemetery (or trees right next to that), or in the lemonade berry on the east side of the road immediately south of the south fence of the cemetery, all of which is visible from the roadside so you do not need to go into the cemetery at all. And as always, the bird continues very sneaky and easy to lose track of instantaneously upon spotting it.

Yesterday, the 7th, the Stilt sandpiper juvenile continued at the east end of Pond 20 at the salt works, which unfortunately will be drying up now, and both the Eastern kingbirds continued yesterday but were seen only briefly. That is, the bird along Sunset near the ball fields and the bird at the main Dairy Mart pond, which are different individuals on the basis of clear differences in tail tip pattern and breast wash.

Paul Lehman, San Diego