White-throated Sparrow at Damon Lane County Park

Lisa Ruby

Had a doctor's appt in Rancho San Diego late this morning. Office was about 5 minutes from Damon Lane County Park in El Cajon. Thought I would check it out after my appt. Spotted a White-throated Sparrow around 12:25 pm at this spot, on the creek side of the trail. Only saw it briefly. Will post photos later.,-116.94496

May have caught a glimpse of it a few minutes earlier with a few WCSPs in a large bush on the other side of the trail. Birds were going down to creek for water in this spot. Water was not visible from there.

Looks like maybe Andrew Newmark had a hot spot created for this park in Jan. My list appears to be the 4th one entered since then. Wondering how it might be there during migration. There is water and several very large Eucs, a number of fan palms, and other palms, as well as native plants. Park is bordered by homes, so there are decorative landscaping plants around too.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

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Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

Andrew N

Hi Lisa,

I did suggest it as a hot spot at the beginning of the year. I was taking a certification course over at Cuyamaca and was looking for nearby spots to bird in my downtime. Then Covid hit and I haven't been back out that way since but it's a pretty incredible park. You described it pretty well, it has a ton of great habitat, water availability, has multiple bird boxes set up, and was very birdy the few times I looped around it. Definitely a spot that would benefit from having more eyes on it!

Andrew Newmark
Hillcrest, San Diego CA