White-headed Woodpecker update-- 11/26

Aedyn Loefke

Four of us had the continuing female White-headed Woodpecker this morning (11/26) along the Weir Trail in Palomar Mountain State Park, although it wasn't being very cooperative. It was a little ways further down the trail than the area where most of the previous reports have been from. We heard it call once when we first arrived and then had nothing for another two hours. After a lot of waiting and wandering, it called a few more times and then turned up along the trail. We watched it briefly as it moved fairly swiftly up the hillside and disappeared over the top. So, for anyone who has missed it (like we did a few days ago), or is still planning on going looking, it is definitely worth sticking around for a few hours if you can and wandering up a bit further by the area where the trail crosses the small creek. It seems as though a lot of waiting is required if you want to get this bird. 

We also had the continuing female Williamson's Sapsucker in the same general area as the White-headed. She was significantly easier to find today than the White-headed was. 

On our way out, we heard what sounded very suspiciously like a Pacific Wren, which would presumably be the returning bird for another winter, if that is indeed what we heard. It was calling from the streambed right at the number five trail-marker post near the beginning of the nature trail. We caught an extremely brief glimpse of a tiny brown bird dart down into the undergrowth and never got another look. It called for a while longer, but no further views. So, if anyone is heading up there in the near future, that is definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Photos, details, and coordinates in eBird. 

Happy birding!

 --Aedyn and Trysten Loefke
Valley Center