Updated Green-tailed towhee

susan yamagata <suysan@...>

I copied this map info. off of the ebird rare bird alert.

This is my home, you are welcome to stop by.

553 1/2 Silver Strand Blvd.
Imperial Beach, CA  91932
I am in north Imperial Beach at the entrance to the Naval Training Center complex.  You can park on the street wherever you find a place.
I am across the street sort of from the entrance to Camp Surf.  I share the wall with the navy base.  You can't tell there is an old two story bldg.
at the back of the property cuz the yard is covered in trees.
I have a big friendly dog, and the gate is locked. But, I'll let you in if I"m here.
You can also try watching from the driveway for a bit to see if it's under the bushes along the front fence.  It helps if my neighbors black car is gone. 
There is a sentry at the navy gate, they might watch you and wonder what you're doing.
You'll have to hang out for awhile becuz once you enter the yard it takes the birds a bit to relax.  If I throw some oatmeal out all the sparrows will come in and maybe the towhee.

Susan Yamagata
Imperial Beach