Two Summer Tanagers ~ Bird & Butterfly Garden and San Dieguito County Park

Eve Martin

I was kinda worried about Paul's shortage of SUMMER TANAGERS for 2021 so I rounded up a couple today!  I hope that doesn't make it a glut!

The first one (both were all red males) was at Bird and Butterfly Garden (south county) in the top of the pine trees on the western perimeter of the main garden around 9:45-10:30am. The second was the continuing male spotted while we were enjoying my birthday picnic lunch at San Dieguito County Park (north county) in the lower part of the park in eucalyptus around 12:30-1pm at these coordinates:  N 32°59'54.2652" W 117°13'58.8576"

More details in the eBird reports and my usual shoddy "proof of life" photos will follow soon:

Morning tanager:
Lunchtime tanager:

...who dreams of some day of writing a post with the word 'miscellanea'... 
Eve Martin
Del Mar, California