SDFO May meeting and membership



It is not too late to join San Diego Field Ornithologists. Our next ZOOM meeting is on Tuesday, 18 May at 6 pm.

It will feature Dr. Lauryn Benedict with her presentation, “She Sings Too! Female bird songs in North America and beyond.” This presentation will explore the singing lives of female birds. GO GIRLS! It will describe the form, function, and evolution of these beautiful signals, and will encourage attendees to listen to female songs in their own backyards. Lauryn Benedict has long been fascinated by the social lives of birds. She has spent the last 20+ years conducting research on the vocalizations of both male and female birds. 

Our June program features Adrian Binns, presenting “Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater: Africa’s Garden of Eden.”  

If either or both of these entice you, please contact me offline for details.


Barbara Carlson
SDFO Membership