San Dieguito County Park

Gjon Hazard

A few things to report from San Dieguito County Park (Solana Beach area) this morning (2/26), including a possible Ferruginous Hawk and the status of some wintering birds.

First off, the hawk

At 07:30, I had a Buteo fly over the park and the golf course to the west (it looked like it was headed -- and it was in straight-line flight -- towards San Elijo Lagoon). I only saw it edge-on as it flew away, but it didn't seem like a Red-tail. There was a report of a Ferruginous earlier in the week from Olivenhain, so maybe it's the power of suggestion (this would be a 'good bird' locally). Anyway, it may be worth keeping your eyes open for it...

Wintering birds

Wilson's Warbler -- at least one continuing southeast of the Wedding Gazebo parking lot and lawn area (see Several times now, there's been some evidence to suggest that there might be two in that immediate vicinity (calls separated by a bit of distance and not much time), but I have yet to hear/see two birds at the same time to confirm. I had (most likely) another Wilson's (2nd or 3rd in the park this winter) calling along the bamboo fence line on the northeast side on 2/19 (

Western Tanager -- I had one today in the eucs across Highland Dr. from the southwest corner of the park (visible from the tipu tree area). There was one reported on Christmas Day (per eBird) from the other side of the park but none since then. 

Summer Tanager -- Nope, not today -- again. There have been 2 in the park this winter (an all-red adult male [per eBird], and a blotchy one), but both have been elusive. 

Lucy's Warbler -- No dice. The tipu trees the bird had been frequenting (as first reported by Paul) are now partially or mostly leafless (as seasonally expected). The earlier flush of small insectivorous birds has run its course. No Townsend's, no Black-throated Gray, no Nashville (which I, personally, never saw), few Orange-crowneds (although one gray-headed type), no Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, even the expected Yellow-rumps (though in lower numbers than in early January) spent a good chunk of their time on the ground and not so much in the trees. Some of the eucalyptus along Highland Dr. to the west have some bird activity (see Western Tanager above), some are flowering and there might be some lerp psyllid action as well, but I haven't worked that area to see if some of the season's earlier birds have moved there. 

Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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Gjon Hazard