record-early Craveri's Murrelets; landbird migrants

On 12 May, several of us (Ginsburg, Lehman, Povey, Sadowski) ventured offshore to as far as the 30-Mile Bank and "The Corner." Species diversity was fairly low, but we did find (and photograph) a pair of CRAVERI'S MURRELETS out at the 30-Mile Bank (33 miles W of Point Loma), setting a new record-early arrival date for San Diego and presumably for California and U.S. waters. A dead bird was found on the beach in Coronado on 19 May 2006, and the previous earliest record of a live bird was offshore on 7 June 2014. Other species seen today of some interest included an Ashy Storm-Petrel, a Northern Fulmar, and 8 Brown Boobies. I saw a likely Guadalupe Murrelet on the 30-Mile Bank which got away slightly too soon. The most common species were Scripps's Murrelet (26), Cassin's Auklet (145), Sooty Shearwater (31), Black Storm-Petrel (370), and Red-necked Phalarope (45). Also a number of Wilson's Warblers (including several dead in the water) and a Hermit Warbler.

Onshore, back on 9 May there were 14 Yellow-headed Blackbirds along Sunset Road in the TRV, where 5+ birds have been frequenting for a few weeks now. On 11 May, migrant numbers on Point Loma were OK, headlined by 2 Hammond's Flycatchers and 16 Hermit Warblers.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego