Rangeland Road

phil Pryde

I visited the Rangeland Road area this morning (2-10-21), with the following results: 
     Bald Eagles:  1 on the nest, and what appeared to be a subadult in the distant leafless tree farther south along the ridgeline. 
     Ferruginous Hawks:  5;  4 east of Rangeland Road and 1 west of it.  This is most I’d ever seen at one stop along Rangeland. 
     Mountain bluebird:  None along Rangeland Road, but two females along Highland Valley Rd. not far after it turns to the left.  
     Also: a flock of Lark Sparrows and 3 Rock Wrens, all seen in or beside the parking lot at the County Park trailhead area. 
     And way too many Starlings.   

Phil Pryde