Possible Glaucous Gull at Fenton Pond

Jeremiah Stock

I birded Fenton Pond Saturday morning, March 7, 2020.  At about 10:05 AM, a large white gull and 5 adult Western Gulls landed on the pond for a few minutes before taking off.  The large white gull looked good for 1st Winter Glaucous Gull: larger than the nearby Westerns, white plumage including white wingtips, pink legs and large bill; however, my impression of the bill was 2-toned but mostly black, not pink with a well-defined black tip.  Because of that, I hesitate to identify it as Glaucous Gull, considering the possibility of a hybrid or a very pale Glaucous-winged Gull.  No photographs.

Fenton Pond is located in Otay Valley Regional Park in the southwest Chula Vista area and can be accessed from Beyer Blvd.

Jeremiah Stock
Santee, CA