Point Loma update Saturday morning


As noted by Dean, an immature Broad-winged hawk was working the southeast section of the cemetery and adjoining Navy property this morning and was present off and on for almost an hour perched in various trees, power lines, pole tops, or trying to escape the wrath of the crows. Given that it was hanging around and behaving much like the bird that was in the same area several days ago, there's a good chance it's in fact the same bird that's hanging around, so anybody who still hasn't seen one, a good plan would be park yourself along the edge of Catalina boulevard just a little south of the committal shelter where you have a good view of as many trees and power lines and pole tops as you can and just hope it shows up.

Also at the cemetery earlier in the morning was continuing summer tanager and 24 white-fronted geese in the Northeast corner, but the Least flycatcher is missing and has been replaced in the same exact spot by a Pacific-slope.

Along Dupont in residential Point Loma, the Blackburnian and Chestnut sided and Black and white all continue this morning.

And no surprise, the Hammonds flycatcher continues at Liberty station, a returning wintering bird back for its third year.

Paul Lehman, San Diego