Point Loma Graces Warbler ; glut of White-throated Sparrows and American Robins


Thursday morning a Grace's Warbler was at the intersection of Albion X Charles in residential Point Loma which is only a hundred feet from the intersection of Albion X Dudley where Jonny Sperling and John Dumlao had it back at the beginning of this month, and it is only a block and a half or two blocks from where a Grace's wintered the past 2 years, but seen only very sporadically, farther north on Albion near the Mayers' home, but where one of its favored pine trees has since been cut down. So probably a returning bird. It seems to frequent non-pine trees as much as pines and is loosely associated with a loose flock of warblers and kinglets, and it probably ranges widely. That makes three returning Grace's Warblers currently in the county, which leaves only the Vacation Isle bird yet to be refound this season, so time for somebody to look for that one, too!

And if you've been out birding a fair amount the last two or three weeks, or keeping track of what's being reported on the listserv and in eBird, you have undoubtedly noticed that numbers of American Robins keep going up and up, and that there's a reasonable number of Hermit Thrushes around this year, and that we're on track to perhaps set an all-time record count of White-throated Sparrows this month. Another White throated I just found this morning which is likely a returning bird coming to a feeder area bordering the north edge of Point Loma Nazarene University, along with a young Golden crowned.