Plumbeous, 2 Hooded Orioles, 2 Summers, 2 more Nashvilles (record total), Pink-sided

Later yesterday, the 10th, I added another "Pink-sided" Junco--at Point Loma Nazarene Univ.--as well as yet another Wilson's Warbler in Point Loma residential (#28 for the winter in county) and yet another Nashville Warbler, on Yonge Street on Point Loma.

Today, the 11th, on private property in Chula Vista, there was a Plumbeous Vireo, a female Hooded Oriole, 2 Summer Tanagers (together), 4 Western Tanagers, and yet another Nashville Warbler, which brings this winter's NAWA total in the county to 21 individuals (!!), a new record (previous record was 16 birds in winter 2017-2018) . And then in residential Lincoln Park yet another female Hooded Oriole. Just 1 Western Tanager at Mount Hope Cemetery. It does seem that wintering orioles, tanagers, and scarce warblers really like the area between South San Diego and the border!

--Paul Lehman, San Diego